Portable aluminum gate SENIOR 7.32x2.44 m

Portable aluminum gate SENIOR 7.32x2.44 m

Catalogue number: PNS 3
Gross price: 5.587,55 zł
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SENIOR 7.32x2.44 m portable aluminum gate, varnished (any color from the RAL palette).

  • Goal dimensions: 7.32x2.44m, depth to choose from 80/200 or 80/300 (top/bottom).
  • Profile reinforced - ribbed 100x120mm.
  • Goal with aluminum foldable arches.
  • The main frame of the goal is connected to the posts in the corners by means of a special steel element with the possibility of disassembly.
  • Included galvanized steel deflectors connecting the upper crossbar with the bow.
  • Set to main frame with plastic hooks (included).
  • Compliance with handball regulations and PN-EN 749-2006.
  • Safety certificate issued by the Institute of Sport.


Price does not include weights and mesh.