Set, Option No 2.9

Set, Option No 2.9

Catalogue number: PZ 22
Gross price: 17.350,69 zł
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Set includes 2 houses, assault climb, snake stairs, suspension bridge, sliding pole, slide, gymnastic bars and snake bar.

Base construction of houses, bridge, slide and assault wall made of hot-dip galvanized and powder lacquered steel. Same material is used for snake stairs, gymnastic bars, snake bars and slide. Slide is made of 450mm wide stainless steel. Roofs and slide boarders made of phenolic film overlaid and alkyd paint coated plywood. Floors, bridge and assault wall made of fluted and pressure impregnated planks. Bridge planks linked with short linked steel chain. Assault wall rope made of polypropylene, attached with aluminium clamps. Total height- 392cm.

  • Dimensions: height - 392cm, length 767cm, width 535cm;
  • Safety zone: 63,8m2 (check: "Files to download");
  • Materials: hot-dip galvanised and powder lacquered steel, HDPE, impregnated wood, stainless sheet metal, polypropylene rope ;

  • Device certified by PN-EN 1176-1:2009.