Scoreboard TZG 3980

Catalogue number: TZG1 3980
Gross price: 91.266,00 zł
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  • Dimensions- 760x220x7cm;
  • Digit size- 25, 20, 13 cm;
  • Ball resistant front panel;
  • 260x14 cm banner for team name display and advertising;
  • Score display;
  • Very precise timer (up to 0.1sec);
  • Basketball penalties display, Volleyball sets display;
  • Independent TIME OUT timer with real time clock mode;
  • Game part display;
  • Volleyball serve display;
  • Signalling of coach time used (3 for each party);
  • Last 6 sets display for Volleyball;
  • The counter of handball player's offences;
  • 2 digit player number display for basketball (1-99) with offences counter;
  • Player name display (12) with individual score display for each side;
  • Sport part controlled from the referee console. Graphic part controlled from the computer.